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Do you need Business or Home Computer Repair? Is there something wrong with your computer? Is is just slow from old age or is it something more serious? Does your computer need a check-up?  Did your computer fail and you need to get your information back? New Computer installation? Computer Upgrades? DSL connectivity? Virus removal? Spyware removal? Pop-up blocking? Upgrade Away from VISTA? Connecting all your computers to one printer?

Do you live in Dahlonega, the North Georgia Mountains? Lumpkin County? Dawson County? White County? Hall County? Forsyth County?  Union County?  We are anchored in DAHLONEGA, at the northern end of GA-400, and we come to YOU and do  ON-SITE Computer Repair or IN-HOME computer repair . When are you available? We come to YOU.

Our MountainGeeks will come to your BUSINESS or your HOME  to solve your computer troubles. Because we come to you, in house or on site, there’s no longer a need to disconnect wires, box up your computer, and drive it to the nearest town for repairs. We will come to you, fix your computer in front of you, teach you how to avoid these problems in the future, and be on our way.

This is just an EXAMPLE, so you can understand things.  Think about your CAR, and how you keep it parked in the garage. How would the OIL circulate in the motor? How would the ANTI-FREEZE circulate thru the radiator and the motor? How would the BATTERY charge? The answer is that you would have to take a few minutes to go out and start the car, or drive it around the block. You have to remember to do these same things with your laptop computer. Charge the battery. Turn it on. Download the Microsoft updates. Run a virus scan.

Please remember to PLUG IN your laptop, so the battery can charge. The computer can/should be turned OFF, but plugged in to AC power. If you do this at night, your computer should have a good charge by morning. Its similar to plugging in your CELL PHONE at night.  ust remember that the laptop battery is similar to a flashlight battery; it’ll only be good for about a year.

At MOUNTAIN GEEK COMPUTERS our number one goal is to HELP YOU. Whether you want to improve your computer’s performance, upgrade the components, install a network, or just learn how to use your PC, our Geeks can help!   What can I do to Help you?